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Music has always been his thing...

Growing up in a small town in the vast plains of Central Illinois, music became an escape and an adventure at an early age.  Steve flowered from a musical family.  His father played in the band in school, his mother and older sister are pianists and singers and his entire family actually performed as "The Shining Light" - a contemporary Christian band when he was a teen.  At the age of 5 he learned the piano and practiced/performed for several years until he met percussion in 4th grade.  Steve quickly dove into the world of rhythm and performed in school bands, summer marching band, garage rock bands, pep bands and was even President of his high school band.  In college, his background of melodies and rhythm naturally led him to explore the guitar and how this instrument brings these components together.  From his small town roots in the 70's, 80's and 90's, Steve developed a love for music with "soul" that not only leaves your feet tapping but keeps you humming along with the lyrics.  Today, after discovering the wonderful world of live looping, he now performs his "one man band" show layering rhythm, beat, melody, harmony and solos to delight crowds of all ages and musical tastes.

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